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The old pictures of O-il-nam who is a player 001

Squid Game’s final episode revealed that Oh Il-nam (Oh Young-soo) is the founder and financier of the games. As the oldest player involved in the twisted death games, the lovable Oh Il-nam is easily one of the reasons why Squid Game became the most-watched show out of Netflix’s September 2021 releases.

As the brains behind the entire Squid Game operation, Il-nam represents the billionaires in a series that digs deep into the topic of wealth inequality. Out of Squid Game’s desperate and deeply indebted players, Il-nam is the only one whose choice to participate in the games isn’t burdened by nuance.

While the other players had to choose between living their lives in debt or risking their lives in Squid Game for the chance to win a fortune, Il-nam was just literally there to try and have some fun.

Appearing with number 1 in the squid game, he showed his acting with a large role from the first appearance to the end. Today, let’s take a look at Oh Young-soo, who plays the role of Oh Yeon-nam, the grandfather of the squid game.

Actor Oh Young-soo was born in 1944 and graduated from the Department of Theater and Film at Dongguk University at the age of 76 this year. He appeared in King Seondeokyeong, Musin’s Return, Iljiman, etc. Looking at this picture, you know who it is, right?

He won the Dong-A Theater Award for Best Actor in 1979, the Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Actor in 1997, and the Korean Theater Association Acting Award in 2000.

Oh Young-soo, who boasts outstanding acting skills, has appeared in more than 150 works so far, and has been a member of the National Theater Company for 23 years from 1987 to 2010.

And because of the squid game, actor Oh Young-soo is now in his prime.